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High shear dissolving system

Product Details:
Place of Origin: High shear dissolving system
Brand Name Comprocess
Model Number NanJing,JiangSu province,China
Type 0
Dairy Processing line
Dairy Processing equipment
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Delivery Time: 60 days
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Detailed Product Description
If solid of 30% powder or 70% sugar is put in high shear tank it only spend 10 min to complete dissolve.
   It consists of:
   NO.1 tank with high shear agitaor. The speed of agitator from 1400 rpm to 2900 rpm. The cubage of tank is from 300L to 6000L. The type of tank may be single wall, insulation wall or with steam jacket.
  NO.2, liquid sugar heater; it's used plate heat exchanger, steam adjust valve controlled by digital,
  NO.3 circulating pump between tank and plate heat exchanger.
  NO.4 pipe filter

  Capacity: mixing tank 300L/unit--- 5 000L/ unit

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